ux workshop

UX Saturday with Wahid with the participants of Hands-on UX Workshop at Daffodil International University (DIU)

Hands-on UX Workshop at DIU for the students of CSE and SWE at Daffodil International University. In the workshop, the students were introduced with the fundamentals and principles of User Experience and Human-cantered Design. After an interactive lecture by Userhub CXO/Co-founder Wahid bin Ahsan, the students were engaged in real-world UX exercise to demonstrate their learning.

Big Design Day 2015 Speakers

Bangladesh’s first Digital Design conference & training event Big Design Day 2015 has takes place in Rangpur City. The event was jointly organized by User Study & Experience Research Hub (Userhub), UX Saturday with Wahid and Bangladesh User Experience Professionals’ Association (BUXPA).

UX Saturday with Wahid carried out Hands-on UX training workshop for the students of American International University-Bangladesh. In this workshop,…

User Experience review workshop for professionals. The purpose of this workshop is to examine & evaluate your website/app for possible…