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Big Design Day 2015 Speakers

Bangladesh’s first Digital Design conference & training event Big Design Day 2015 has takes place in Rangpur City. The event was jointly organized by User Study & Experience Research Hub (Userhub), UX Saturday with Wahid and Bangladesh User Experience Professionals’ Association (BUXPA).

UX Saturday with Wahid at AIUB
Providing UX (User Experience) Education to Bangladeshi Students

In Bangladesh, tech companies are on the rise. The market is competitive which is why these companies are always on…

User experience session at Digital World 2015 led by Wahid bin Ahsan

In this hands-on technical session called “Principles of User Experience (UX) Design” by Wahid bin Ahsan, the attendees were taught about the principles of user experience and various aspects of user-centered design.

Wahid bin Ahsan presents Keynote on Valuable User Experience (UX) at Mobile Apps Bootcamp

Keynote Speech on Valuable User Experience (UX) at EATL-Prothom Alo Apps Contest 2015 Bootcamp. This is the largest mobile apps development…