Nilim Ahsan

March 11, 2015

Nilim Ahsan is an experienced user experience strategist and online marketing specialist. She has expertise in user experience design and strategy, social media marketing, business development, strategy development for various clients in the offline and online marketing space. She has substantial experience in business communications, operational management, project management, client procurement and internet marketing optimization.  Nilim has worn many hats in her career- designer, writer, digital marketer, researcher, mentor, marketing manager, administrator and strategist.

Nilim is one of the few leaders in software and internet marketing industries in Bangladesh who directly influenced the local community on providing international quality services, and emerging entry into the worldwide marketplace of sophisticated buyers. Coders & Designers was her brainchild where she welcomed anyone interested to code and design. Nilim would get assignments from foreigners living abroad and have this pool of young enthusiastic team work for them. This is how the concept of freelancing was introduced in Bangladesh via Coders & Design (C&D).

Nilim has been training people on Business Development. After 5 years of C&D and online training Masqara came about to existence. While dealing with the team of C&D and also training people she decided to have a training center focused on teaching people “Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing and Creative Design” of her own. Hence, the journey of Masqara began. In the last 10 years of her IT career she did not just bring many western business owners to the local market, but also supervised, mentored, and managed those projects.

Nilim strongly believes that more women should be a part of the technology. A part of Masqara is dedicated for female personal skill development only. Nilim is the founder of online Bengali web portal called “AponMaya” to facilitate open space for practicing freedom of speech for women in Bangladesh. One part of the social community platform is “Amar Apon Maya” while the other is “Apon Maya Dhoom” which is for entertainment. She has a personal blog of her own as well to promote UX through her articles online.