Recent Evaluation of Cognitive Psychology

September 8, 2015

Recent analysis and study on the cognitive psychology helped to develop three influences that will also help to shape up the cognitive psychology in the mid-20th century. These three points can be mentioned as:

  • In recent areas, immense improvements have taken place in the field of computers. It have also brought some newer possibilities of choosing these computational functions of the computers over the human thoughts and ideas. It also helps to make some combinations in between them. Thus there comes a new psychological thought which has added some newer dimensions as well. This is known as “Artificial Intelligence”. Allen Newell and Herbert Simon have spent years of time for the development of this artificial intelligence.
  • During the period of the Second World War, there occurred some unbelievable development in the field of the warfare technology. There arose a problem of using new technology by the best trained soldiers and dealing with attention under some kind of threats or stress. Donald Broadbent integrated first the researches regarding human performance and the recently developed and advanced information or technology.
  • In the year of 1959 the “Critique of Behaviorism” of Noam Chomsky made some kind of cognitive revolution in this field. Chomsky focused on the linguistic competence of the human which is some kind of the ability of the human mind to generate the sentences of any language. We can define this acquisition by “Nativism” which defines this ability is solely innate ability.