ISO 9241-300: Displays and Display Related Hardware

September 19, 2015

ISO 9241 300 series provides an introduction to other ISO 9241 sub-series and additionally describes its modular structure. This part establishes requirements for the human factor design of electronic visual displays. The requirements are displayed as performance specifications that are aimed at ensuring comfortable and effective viewing conditions for humans with normal eyesight. Metrology and test methods, yielding criteria and conformance measurements are provided for the evaluation of the design. The ISO 9241 300 sub-series can be applied in visual design of electronic displays for an extensive range of tasks in different working environments.

Electronic Visual Display

Literally, this is a device for presentation of video, text or images that have been transmitted electronically, without producing any permanent records. These electronic visual displays include computer monitors, digital signage and television sets. They present visual information in accordance with the electrical input signal either by modulating the available light or emitting light during the process of transmission or reflection.

Requirements For Electronic Visual Displays

This part establishes the requirements of the image-quality, and provides specific guidelines for electronic visual displays. They are provided in form of generic, free of task, technology and environment, performance recommendations and specifications that will guarantee effective and enjoyable viewing conditions for users with adjusted to normal and normal eyesight. However, it does not address compatibility issues for people who are physically or emotionally challenged. Nevertheless, it considers the eyesight’s aspects of the elderly and this can be valuable to people dealing with visual impairment issues in different cases, the features of important characteristics for normal viewing can be utilized to measure the severity of visual abnormalities for identification of appropriate solutions.

Electronic Visual Displays User Performance Test Methods

This provides guidance for estimating the visual factors of display technologies with different user performance test methods. Its use helps ensure the display meets minimum visual factors requirements. However, it only involves visual characteristics and never addresses usability or ergonomics of the entire product that holds the visual display. The primary users of this part will be those who want to measure the display performance.

Electronic Visual Displays Optical Laboratory Test Methods

This establishes professional observation and optical test methods for utilization in estimating the performance of the display ergonomics.

Electronic Visual Displays Field Assessment Methods

It establishes the geometrical, optical and visual inspection techniques for the measurement of the display in different contexts of use according to ISO 9241 300 sub-series.