Application of Cognitive Psychology

September 8, 2015

Abnormal psychology

Aaron T. Beck was the man who first used the cognitive psychology in the field of therapy and he was well known as the father of cognitive therapy as well. According to his research works, cognitive psychology can be widely used in this field as he showed only 60% to 65% people all over the world who are suffering from depressions used antidepressants. He also showed the adverse effects of taking different types of drugs. Not only had these, Beck also showed hoe these drugs break down different physiological mechanisms of our body. For these reasons, Beck tried to motivate patients to use the cognitive therapy as a remedy for their depressive diseases.

Social psychology

Social cognition is a sub division of social psychology. It is mainly applied to human interactions in the society. Social cognition can be defined as the scientific study of the human minds those are involved in different functions like perceiving, remembering, memory or making senses about the people of the social world.

Development psychology

The field of the development psychology is mostly based upon the developments on cognitive models. This helps mainly the children of ages 4 to 6 to develop their understanding, mental capability, ideas, thoughts, feelings and other mental criteria as well. It helps the children to recognize their thoughts and individual mental states. It also helps to develop them.

Educational psychology

The study of cognitive psychology helps the people in a wide range for their purposes of education and gathering knowledge. We know metacognition, which is a wide concept of the cognitive study helps to focus on the self-monitoring. Thus, it helps the students to evaluate their knowledge and experiences, which helps them to improve their areas of knowledge. The study of cognitive psychology also helps the students to integrate their specific knowledge with the particular tasks which suit perfectly for the knowledge. It helps to develop the students’ skills and abilities. It also helps the students to be more efficient on their tasks for which they are assigned to. Cognitive psychology works on the understanding of how the brain holds the knowledge, memory, skills and other abilities in an organized way. This mapping of the brain is also hugely beneficial for the students on their field of education.

Personality psychology

Cognitive psychology and cognitive therapy is widely used for the treatment of the different personality disorders in the recent years with the immense development of this side. Thus, the scientific study of the cognitive psychology plays some crucial role in our day to day life and it helps to make some better future for us.